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What are the requirements for a custom industrial panel pc


What are the requirements for a custom industrial panel pc

What are the requirements for a custom industrial panel pc
Industrial electronic products are different from ordinary consumer products, and their use scenarios generally have more stringent requirements. For the requirements of industrial panel pc selection, the following aspects should be considered:

1. Protection level; the average industrial panel pc computer now must meet the IP65 dustproof and waterproof standards. In addition, it must be resistant to drops and the seismic performance is also severe.
2. Applicable environmental temperature and humidity; such as desert areas, cold regions, industrial displays and industrial touch screens are often affected by some, and good-quality products will have stronger applicability in this regard.
3. Service life; industrial-grade products are not changed every year like our daily mobile phones, but we must consider continuous use for several years or even longer.
4. Hardware configuration; this mainstream product currently on the market can basically be satisfied. Industrial panel pc computers are different from consumer products and do not need to play games and other applications. The mainstream configuration can meet the work requirements.
5, operating system; good products will not only adapt to windows and linux systems, there are also some customized services. At present, Foxconn industrial panel pc computers do a better job in this area. They can provide cloud device control and big data processing. For example, you can install work application applications for all devices in batches by managing accounts, which can save a lot of time and costs. .
6. Main functions; In addition to the functions (such as installing applications) of intelligent industrial panel pc computers, industrial panel pc computers are often larger, with some accessories to protect the body, or convenient portable accessories.
In general, when ordering industrial panel pcs, you must order according to your requirements. The advantage of an industrial panel pc PC is not how high it is configured and how fast it runs, but its stability. It is necessary to find an industrial panel pc computer that can adapt to your own requirements. This also requires everyone to study carefully.



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