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What are the common applications of industrial tablet computers?


What are the common applications of industrial tablet computers?

Industrial computer, also known as industrial touch screen computer, has all the functions of a computer, and also has an integrated touch design, which can be operated independently without a mouse and keyboard. Therefore, the method is simple and portable, and has been widely used in the industrial field. Industrial tablets are a branch of computers that are different from commercial computers because industrial computers require constant performance in different environments. With the continuous development of various industrial computer performance processing platforms, the calculation speed of industrial computer is getting faster and faster. The application of industrial computers in various industries has received extensive attention and has been further deepened to meet the needs of simplified operations in the industrial automation industry.
Some new customers don't know much about industry, or haven't heard the term industrial computer, and don't know what industrial computer is used for. Here are all the common application fields of industrial computer

summarized and organized by Qin Intelligent:
I. Application of industrial tablet computer in medical industry:
Industrial computer's automated management of surgery helps to save a lot of management costs and time. Industrial computers are a powerful tool in mobile medicine for their portability and full functionality. It connects medical records, laboratory reports and various monitoring and treatment instruments, helping medical staff to grasp the information of each patient's medical records and new medical reports anytime, anywhere.
2. Application of industrial tablet computer in environmental monitoring and industrial environmental detection:
1. Surface water detection; sewage treatment system; real-time data collection and environmental detection analysis;
2. Automatic control system for water purification equipment expansion project ";
3. Intelligent water supply monitoring and remote management system;
4. Remote monitoring and management system for drinking water stations;
5. Control of water pumping station monitoring system.
3. Application of industrial computer in service industry:
With the improvement of processing platform performance, the computing speed and graphics processing speed of industrial computers are constantly increasing. With the progress of industry, innovative applications have also appeared to test the extended performance of industrial computers. It is one of the important magic weapons of future industrial computers. When standard products cannot meet the needs of users, customized services have appeared to save users. Time and cost of system configuration.
Fourth, the application of industrial tablet computer in the transportation industry:
Front-line personnel often need to query a large amount of information in real time, but it is difficult to deal with emergencies or group business in a timely manner. In addition, the front-line business is more complicated, and multiple links and multiple locations will lead to the risk of omissions and errors. Mobile transportation solutions rely on industrial computer terminals to extend work systems to front-line employees to enable search and communication of business process information.
Industrial tablet PC has the characteristics of dustproof, shockproof, pressure-resistant, moisture-proof, waterproof, high-temperature-resistant, low-temperature-resistant, easy to expand various sockets and so on. Industrial tablet computer manufacturers can customize and optimize the CPU memory display according to customer requirements; it can meet the needs of different customers to the greatest extent; industrial computers in the application scenarios and application industries have basically penetrated into all aspects of our ordinary people's life and work, but also There is a lot to dig for us.



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