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Why are industrial panel pc more expensive than ordinary panel pc?


Why are industrial panel pc more expensive than ordinary panel pc?

Tablet PCs are classified into industrial tablet PCs and commercial tablet PCs according to their use. Industrial flat panel pcs are mainly used in the industrial control field, while commercial flat panel pcs are mainly used in the general consumer field. The application characteristics of the two are different, so the price is also different. Take the micro-embedded industrial tablet as an example. Why is its industrial tablet more expensive than ordinary commercial panel pc? What is the reason? I think there are many people who want to know it. Let me give you a detailed introduction today. I hope to you. It is helpful to make a choice when using a tablet later.

What is expensive about industrial panel pc is its unique advantages and features:

1. Industrial tablet PC, the front panel pc is mostly made of hard aluminum alloy or industrial plastic panel pc, and the front panel pc reaches IP65 protection level. The entire product is rugged and strong.

2. using a five-wire resistive touch screen or industrial capacitive screen, touch operation, more humane, and operation-free.

3. Most industrial tablet PCs use a fanless design, which uses a large area of ??finned aluminum block for heat dissipation, which consumes less power and has less noise.

4. industrial tablet computer, one machine structure, the host, industrial screen, touch screen integrated into one, the stability is better.

5. can operate normally in harsher harsh environments. The operating temperature range is from 0 °C to 60 °C, and the humidity range is up to 5% to 95% relative humidity.

6. industrial tablet computer, small size, compact structure, easy to install, can adapt to more limited space, easy maintenance.

Industrial tablet PCs have the advantages and characteristics that are not possible with the above-mentioned ordinary commercial panel pc, so that they can work normally in a more harsh industrial environment. Everyone has unclear places to come to our company to negotiate. We have a variety of industrial tablet computers for your reference, so that you can get a more intuitive understanding. The future is the era of personal work intelligence. I believe that the development of this industrial control field will be more profound, and more industrial tablet PCs will be launched in the market. In the later stages, it is easy to see the industrial tablet PCs of various brands in various occasions.



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