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Industrial tablet computer assists mechanical production to achieve industrial automation

Technology is the first productivity, yes! In this era of rapid development, artificial intelligence will steal all the rice workers' jobs. Especially in some expensive

Technology is the first productivity, yes! In this era of rapid development, artificial intelligence will steal all the rice workers' jobs. Especially in some expensive, dangerous, toxic and harmful industrial sites, it is best to use robots instead of labor. The development of AI will be a revolution of qualitative change. Many old-style production relations will be eliminated, and new opportunities will be brought to numerous manufacturers.

We know that artificial intelligence is produced by machine intelligent production, and there is a very important hardware requirement in artificial intelligence is industrial computer, industrial computer will refer to the brain of machine production. In the artificial intelligence work site of the factory, all kinds of machinery and equipment work in a busy and orderly manner. The work car keeps moving through the various working areas, and the manufactured products are shipped to the storage area of the warehouse by themselves. All industrial computers are issuing instructions.

In some modern industrial sites, we can hardly see the operators, whether it is loading and unloading, handling, testing, storage, etc. are basically automated robot production operations.

Industrial computers participate in every process in the production factors, ensuring that all robotic machines and equipment are connected, accurate and efficient.

In the factory's artificial intelligence work site, the machine seems to be very simple to operate, but the design of this solution is a twists and turns.

First of all, to achieve the three-in-one in this industrial site, it is necessary to realize the linkage of the three work vehicles, machine tools and production lines;

Then, when using the three-wire combination, each time the machine machine processes a product, the system will assign instructions to complete the processing of the entire product, and the processing flow will be recorded by the system;

Finally, the program must deliver the production instructions accurately and correctly, and there should be no high-frequency misunderstandings.

Among the above three conditions, the most important and most basic condition is how to achieve the integration of the three lines?

In designing the solution, the machine vision engineer used the industrial tablet as the "brain" in the three-in-one, completing the linkage between the programs and the connection between the devices.

Therefore, the most basic function of an industrial tablet computer is to have a signal receiving function and a multi-interface function. The signal receiving allows information to be exchanged between machines that are separated from each other, and multiple interfaces can integrate multiple components into an industrial tablet. It is convenient for operators to control and manage multiple devices.

In short, when commanding a command to operate a work vehicle in the job site, it needs to be quickly responded.

After the factory realizes the artificial intelligence unmanned operation site, the manual operation is greatly reduced, the labor intensity is reduced, and the labor cost is saved. In addition, when the production of the product is completed, the signal will be sent directly to the work vehicle, which greatly shortens the intermediate reaction time and improves the production efficiency. Online detection and quality tracking not only reduce human error, but also help companies improve product quality. In this scheme, the production line will be called in time when the production line is short of materials and materials are stopped, so that the controller can have a clear understanding of the on-site status of the equipment, so that a timely treatment can be performed to maximize the production efficiency.

Industrial tablet PCs are at the core of industrial automation solutions. It will provide the possibility for the entire AI intelligent system, providing an operating platform for the plant's artificial intelligence field, greatly reducing the cumbersome operation.

The perfect integration of industrial tablets and machines for machine production for industrial automation.





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