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How to choose a custom industrial tablet pcs


How to choose a custom industrial tablet pcs

Industrial tablet PCs have also become industrial computers, industrial computer, and industrial computer. They have been widely used in self-service terminals, medical, transportation, power, network, finance, and industrial control. With the digging of the needs of different industries, the demand for industrial tablet PCs is getting higher and higher, and the customization towards the industry has become a new trend of industrial tablet PCs.

Industrial tablet PCs usually operate in complex environments and require high data security. They are often designed for reinforcement, moisture, dust, shock, and radiation. As an industrial tablet manufacturer, special control combined with a large number of customer needs summarizes the following aspects of custom industrial tablet:

First, the protection level: industrial tablet computer is mainly used in complex and harsh operating environment, requires the device itself to have a good three-proof function, can be waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, industrial tablet computers basically require IP65 dust and waterproof standards .

Second, the hardware configuration: industrial tablet computer as the overall program of the industrial computer + screen, compared to the split solution, its advantage lies in the stability of performance. Industrial tablet PCs require a scientifically designed thermal design while focusing on the latest CPU technology to enable users to experience better CPU computing/image performance and lower power consumption. The rich interface function is also one of the indispensable requirements when selecting an industrial tablet, so that communication between devices can be realized.

Third, the appearance size: industrial tablet computer is often embedded into the device, so take into account the overall installation size, the shell three-dimensional maximum (including special component extension) size.

Fourth, the operating system: good products will not only adapt to windows system and linux system, in addition to the needs of their own applications, the operating system (WINCE, LINUX, VXWORKS) components of the increase or decrease, so the perfect combination with the software.

V. Working temperature: For example, in desert areas and cold belt areas, industrial tablet computers should be selected according to working temperature, and the applicability of good quality products in this aspect will be stronger.

Sixth, display requirements: brightness (optimal distance and ideal lighting conditions) indoor environment brightness 250 ~ 300cd / m2 sunlight can be read, if used outdoors, usually the brightness requirements are very high, need 500 ~ 1000cd / m2. When choosing a custom industrial tablet, you have to choose according to the brightness requirements, which not only makes the operating experience more comfortable, but also saves power.

In some industrial applications, color-expressed information (such as aeronautical cloud airflow display) is more important than text and numbers, and high resolution is especially important.

Seven, touch effects: industrial tablet computers generally abandon the external keyboard, the operation is done using touch, so the touch sensitivity of industrial tablet is very important, stuck, broken touch, etc. are bad manifestations, smooth The touch experience can greatly save operating time.

8. Durability: The life of industrial tablet PCs must be more than 5 years, so the raw materials need to be strictly screened. The wear resistance and flexibility of the products are high, the texture is excellent, and the service life is longer.

The above introduces the summary of custom industrial tablet PCs. When purchasing custom industrial tablet PCs, you should customize them according to your needs.



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