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Characteristics and Advantages of WeiQian Industrial Touch Integrative Machine

Industrial touch integrated machine is the touch screen integrated machine commonly used in industrial computers.

  Industrial touch integrated machine is the touch screen integrated machine commonly used in industrial computers. The whole machine has perfect performance and has the performance of common commercial computers in the market. The difference lies in the internal hardware. Most of the products selected for industry are industrial motherboards. The difference between commercial motherboards and industrial motherboards is non-mass production, and the product model is relatively stable.

  WeiQian industrial touch integrated computer is based on the operating platform of embedded system. It can realize the functions of industrial computer, tablet computer, HMI (human-machine interface) and other products widely used at present. It directly supports the operation of color touch screen. It also has analog input and switching output interfaces. It supports audio and video coding and decoding, and network transmission. It can directly build small control system or be used as security and industrial control related operation terminal.
  With the performance of commercial computers getting better and better, many industrial sites have begun to adopt lower-cost commercial opportunities, and the market of commercial machines has undergone tremendous changes, people began to prefer more humane touch-controlled tablets. Therefore, in the industrial field, tablet computers with touch function will be the future trend, and industrial touch tablet computers are also a kind of industrial computer.
  WeiQian industrial touch integrated machine is mostly industry-specific specifications, not standardized products, so there are compatibility problems between systems. At the same time, the product must meet the special needs of customers for working environment, such as temperature (humidity), waterproof (dust), voltage stabilization system, continuous power system, etc. to carry out special design and adjustment, so the manufacturer must have considerable R&D, production, testing, marketing and system integration capabilities, and have a certain technical threshold.
  The advantages of WeiQian industrial touch integrated computer are as follows:
  Simplicity: Intensive design of industrial touch integrated computer, simple, convenient, fast and practical human-computer interaction equipment, which combines the characteristics of industrial computer + touch display, and also integrates many advantages such as multimedia technology, network technology, industrial modeling, mechanical function, integrated and intensive design, etc.
  Over-value integration: mainframe, mouse, keyboard, display, etc. are integrated into one, just need external power supply and network cable.
  Fashion Appearance: The simplicity and fashion of the industrial computer integrated design, more in line with modern people's purpose of saving space and beauty at home.
  WeiQian industrial touch integrated machine can choose a variety of touch modes, resistor/capacitor, different touch modes have different characteristics. Resistance is the pressure-sensing touch mode, and capacitance is the human current-sensing touch mode. A variety of touch modes greatly expand the scope of application of industrial integrated machine.
  At the same time, industrial integrated computer also designed many special interfaces, such as BNC interface for video surveillance, 485 interface for industrial machine, IO interface for instrument, USB2.0 and 3.0 interface, DVI interface for HD display and so on, which greatly facilitated the expansion of industrial integrated machine links.
  Installation methods of industrial integrated machines are flexible and diverse. Customers can choose open, wall-mounted, embedded and other installation methods to adapt to different working environment requirements.





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