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How to choose a high cost-effective touch all-in-one machine?

The touch screen integrated body is a kind of input device.

The touch screen integrated body is a kind of input device. The selected touch screen has many advantages, such as durability, fast response speed, space saving, easy communication and so on. Customers only need to touch the display screen of the machine with their fingers to get the information they want quickly, which makes the human-computer interaction technology more straightforward.

As a new technology of machine and equipment, touch screen integrated machine has gradually replaced the position of simple touch screen. Industrial tablet computer manufacturers say that they can truly realize the characteristics of free interaction between human and machine. Now the main use of touch screen integrated machine is more and more extensive, many customers often do not know how to choose. Then I'd like to introduce it to you. You can refer to it when you choose it later.
1. Easy to operate:
You can enter the world of information content by touching the relevant component buttons on the screen of the touch screen integrated machine with your fingers. The relevant information content can include text, animation, music, video recording, games, etc.
2. Friendly operation interface:
Customers do not need to know the professional knowledge of touch screen all-in-one machine, they can clearly understand all the information content, prompts, instructions on the touch screen display screen, the operation interface is very friendly, suitable for all levels, all ages of customers.
3. Quick response:
The system software selects the cutting-edge technology to make statistical analysis of large-scale data, and the response speed is just as fast as it needs to be. It doesn't need to worry about waiting, and it is really reaching the "Pentium" speed.
4. Good expansibility:
The touch screen integrated machine has good expansibility, which can improve the specific content and data of the system software at any time, and solve problems for the future networking, multi database practical operation, etc.
5. Rich information content:
The storage capacity of information content is almost unlimited, any complex data and information content can be included in the multimedia system, and the information content types are rich, which can achieve audio-visual availability, and the changeable display of the actual effect is exciting.
6. Dynamic networking:
The touch screen integrated machine system software can establish various data connections according to the needs of customers, such as the connection with the telecom business network and the telecom account network, the dynamic telephone query acceptance system process and personal telephone bill, and the connection with the enterprise internal internet and Internet.
7. Safe and reliable:
Continuous operation for a long time will not have any adverse effect on the system, the system software is stable and reliable, and normal actual operation will not make mistakes or crash; maintenance is easy, and the system software includes a management and maintenance system software that is completely consistent with the demonstration operation interface, which can easily add, delete, modify and other management actual operations for specific data content.
Touch screen integrated machine is a set of advanced touch screen, industrial control, computer and other technologies. It can establish public information query system, equipped with fingerprint instrument, scanner, card reader, micro printer and other peripherals, and can establish fingerprint attendance, card swiping, printing and other specific requirements. Touch screen has four or five wire resistance screen, surface acoustic screen, infrared screen, holographic nano touch film and other excellent touch screen at home and abroad, which can meet the application requirements of different regions and places.





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