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LAW ENFORCEMENT Weiqian Industrial panel pc field enforcement application

With the development of China's economic society and the continuous improvement of the legal system

With the development of China's economic society and the continuous improvement of the legal system, the scope of law enforcement is getting wider and wider, and the workload of law enforcement is increasing. The public has put forward higher requirements on the work efficiency, response and contingency of law enforcement agencies. Improving the enforcement efforts of law enforcement personnel, accelerating the speed of law enforcement, and building a harmonious law enforcement environment have become urgent. To build a good law enforcement environment, it is necessary to strengthen the timeliness of police work and at the same time increase the handling of illegal acts that undermine the harmonious life of the people.

 Traditional law enforcement boss:
1. Difficult law enforcement and evidence collection on site, and unscheduled law enforcement scheduling;
2. Law enforcement procedures are not uniform and the law enforcement process is not transparent;
3. Insufficient law enforcement supervision and low public satisfaction;
4. Enforcement costs are high and enforcement efficiency is low.
Industrial tablet PCs have many advantages in field law enforcement applications:
1. Standardize the law enforcement system: establish the basic information base of the industry; unify the punishment rules and law enforcement basis; unify the law enforcement documents; unify the file management;
2. Intelligent law enforcement means: based on GIS (Geographic Information System), GPS (Global Positioning System) and handheld mobile terminal devices (PDA, IPAD), to achieve intelligent positioning and dispatching of law enforcement vehicles / personnel, and easier access to law enforcement evidence
3. Realize intelligent analysis of law enforcement business data and provide strong support for leadership decision-making;
4. Strengthen the supervision of law enforcement and punishment process to achieve fairness and fairness in law enforcement management;
4. Improve the level and efficiency of law enforcement by law enforcement units;
5. Improve the public service image of law enforcement agencies;
6. Quantitative evaluation of the performance of law enforcement personnel;
7. Reduce law enforcement business costs.





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