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FACE RECOGNITION The application of industrial computer in face recognition and access control system

Face recognition access control is a completely offline face recognition access control attendance product

Face recognition access control is a completely offline face recognition access control attendance product, which is positioned in the middle and high-end access control attendance market, replacing the card swiping and fingerprint access control attendance machine in the market. Face detection and recognition technology is a non-contact high-end pattern recognition technology, which uses computer image analysis, model theory, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition technology. It can complete the intelligent analysis process of detecting, detecting feature human image information from complex image scenes and matching recognition.

Principle of implementation process: firstly, the industrial tablet computer integrates the camera function, automatically captures and recognizes the face image, and then uses the face recognition technology to compare, model and retrieve. Among them, face recognition technology widely uses regional feature analysis algorithm, which integrates the computer image processing technology and the principle of Biostatistics. It uses the computer image processing technology to extract the feature points of the human image from the video, and uses the principle of biostatistics to analyze and establish the mathematical model, namely the face feature template. Based on the analysis results, a similar value is given. From this value, you can determine if you are the same person.
Based on the above ideas, Guangzhou Weiqian has organized many backbone forces to develop an intelligent face recognition system based on the integration of camera, RFID and fingerprint recognition. All our businesses are based on the integration of industrial computers, which can realize the functions of real-time image capture and comparison, intelligent card reading and writing analysis, fingerprint ratio and other all-round verification. It is widely used in the field of intelligent community construction Extensive application. The face recognition technology integrated in the industrial all-in-one machine plays an important role in identity recognition, intelligent security, intelligent monitoring, access management, card authentication and so on. If you have any needs in this regard, please contact us in time.





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