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Cooling method of fanless embedded industrial control machine


Cooling method of fanless embedded industrial control machine

Cooling method of fanless embedded industrial control machine
 Weiqian has been focusing on the development of embedded industrial control all-in-one machines, and has rich experience in hardware development. From product selection and purchase to post-service completion. The technical service center provides detailed product pre-sales, sales, and after-sales service support. Fanless embedded all-in-ones are also called fanless all-in-ones. They have basic similarities with our ordinary computer hosts, such as CPU, memory, hard disk, graphics card and commonly used IO interfaces, which can be seen on fanless hosts. In wide temperature, wide pressure, dustproof, anti-vibration, many industrial all-in-one computer factories can achieve relatively good results. Only in the design of super strong waterproof structures, few companies have done relatively mature. The overall design reaches the industrial level, which meets 7 × 24 hours of uninterrupted and stable operation. We should understand the configuration of our industrial all-in-one computer. This species of industrial all-in-one computer has a fanless heat dissipation design.

 The cooling method of fanless embedded industrial computer. The fanless embedded industrial control all-in-one machine relies on large-area heat-dissipating fins to dissipate heat. The design must consider whether the heat-dissipating area meets the energy emitted by the CPU and whether it is effectively exported to the outside. Fanless industrial all-in-one machine is mainly used in environmental monitoring industry, intelligent transportation industry, equipment and machinery manufacturing industry, power automation industry, telecommunications monitoring industry, steel automation industry, municipal automation industry, building automation industry, factory automation industry, etc.
1. Fanless, compact design; 2. Supports Wake-on-LAN; 3. Supports hardware watchdog; 4. Supports 3G / 4G / WIFI communication modules; 5. EMMC storage; 6. Rich interface options RS232x4, 485x2, USBx3; 7. Support multi-function expansion interface to expand USB, network port, serial port, etc.



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