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Difference between industrial panel pc and ordinary computer


Difference between industrial panel pc and ordinary computer

What is the difference between an industrial panel pc PC and an ordinary computer? Industrial panel pc computer, as its name suggests, should be an all-in-one computer used in industry. What is the difference from an ordinary computer? We have encountered many customers who compare the prices of commercial computers. In fact, because of their different applicable environments, their performance is different. Industrial panel pc computers are more stable in all aspects, while commercial requirements are lower. Let ’s take a look at the differences in functionality.
Industrial panel pc computer is an industrial control computer with integrated display and touch. Compared with ordinary devices, it has greatly improved stability, reliability, compatibility and scalability. The industrial control computer can be called an industrial control host or an industrial computer. In simple terms, the industrial control computer is a chassis host. It usually consists of a passive backplane, an industrial CPU card, an expansion card, and a power supply. If necessary, expansion devices such as optical drives and floppy drives are added. However, there are disadvantages such as large size and high energy consumption. Due to the diversification of demand, industrial control computers have been replaced by various industrial panel pc computers and PLCs. Compared with ordinary industrial computer, it also has the following characteristics:
1. The industrial panel pc is small in size and integrated in design, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.
2. The front panel of industrial panel pc PCs are mostly made of aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting, and the front panel reaches NEMA IP65 protection level. Rugged, durable and lightweight. Beautiful appearance, can be embedded in different application machines
3. Applicable to multiple architectures, supporting multiple operating systems such as Windows / Linux / Android
4.Industrial panel pc computer supports multiple installation methods such as rail, wall, and wall
5. Industrial panel pc PC adopts fanless active cooling design, low mute power consumption and low noise
6. The industrial panel pc computer is resistant to high temperature and low temperature. Generally, it can support -20 to 60 degrees Celsius for normal boot operation. It is suitable for various environments such as dust and vibration. The corresponding level of industrial control computer and industrial panel pc computer can be applied to the corresponding Application scenario

7. With a reliable input power adapter, overvoltage and current protection can be added. In general, the industrial panel pc computer is also a type of industrial computer. It can be said that the industrial panel pc computer is composed of the industrial computer, but it is only displayed on the display. One monitor with touch screen. Therefore, the industrial panel pc computer also has the basic characteristics of the industrial computer.



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